Trawler Trash, Islington


A seafood restaurant with a difference has just opened its doors on Upper Street in Islington. Trawler Trash devotes its menu to the ‘trash’ catches of the ocean – unloved fish that tend to be overlooked by other fish restaurants.


Swish marble tables, textured walls and beautiful natural lighting create a perfect setting in which to enjoy the menu, which features pilchards, coley, Sprat, grey mullet and crayfish, all cooked with delicious ingredients to create tasty, alternative seafood dishes.


All the fish is cooked fresh and is never frozen, which is why Trawler Trash is closed on Mondays – the trawlers day of rest.


Culinary highlights include their cured herring, sea purslane & salted hake pate as well as their crunchy tempura seaweed. Having originated as a chippie, the classic dish remains a favourite, with a new, trashy twist: beer battered coley with chips, crushed peas and homemade tartare sauce.


Wash it all down with a pickle juice G&T, a crisp white wine, or a glass of bubbly.


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Trawler Trash, 205 Upper Street, N1 1RQ


2 thoughts on “Trawler Trash, Islington

  1. Off the bitten path

    That’s great. If more people started using these fish, I’m sure there would be less “over” fishing of more popular species. And I’m sure it tastes good too.


  2. Love the concept. If people don’t know that these “underutilized species” taste great, how can they ever ask for them at the fish counter? Monkfish used to be considered trash when I was young, now it is served in restaurants that I cannot afford.


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