Firedog, W1


Six words: ‘wood roasted tahini with carob molasses’. Smothered over everything. If there’s one highlight at Fitzrovia’s brand new Aegean restaurant ‘Firedog’, this is it. The ‘breakfast mezze’ is a new concept for London and once you try it, one-dish brunches will seem somewhat inadequate in comparison.


I was invited to sample their extensive breakfast menu earlier this week and it was quite an experience.. 

The table was laden with a banquet of Aegean specialities which included unsalted young cheese with sour cherry compote, perfectly cooked house chilli eggs , freshly made lor with walnuts, thyme & olive oil, a selection of homemade jams, curds & clotted creams, fresh vegetables, sundried tomato paste and, of course, that sweet, sweet carob tahini.. img_0021

This is a place where you make up the rules – everything works with everything and you can top your sourdough with whatever you please.

To accompany your food, Firedog have a selection of refreshing homemade sodas: preserved lemon + ginger, pomegranate + blood orange and mastika + plum.

The coffee is not to be sniffed at either – their bespoke blend ‘cicciolina’ is taken from sister venue The Black Penny in Covent Garden by The Roastery Coffee Department.

img_0022For those who dislike sharing, Firedog also do a number of bigger plates, all influenced by the street cuisine of Greece and Turkey. The sujuk hash, baked eggs and Ozdemir Pasha II (halloumi, smoked tomatoes, beetroot hummus, fried eggs & za’atar) all hit the spot, and the sweet toothed among us will enjoy their toasted brioche with chargrilled plums, kaymak, honey & pistachios).

With a self-imposed ‘no avocados’ policy, Firedog is putting an exciting twist on brunch as we know it and is well worth checking out.

Firedog is open Monday to Friday 08.00 – 16.00 & Saturday to Sunday 09:00 – 16:00

Facebook / Twitter / Insta: @Firedogw1


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